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Animal Style: The Gift of Wounding (Yukiki) by LionessGamer
Animal Style: The Gift of Wounding (Yukiki)
Another tribute to Bechnokid's glorious fandom empire of "Gijinka" Sgt. Frog characters. Since Yukiki is basically the star of said fandom, and him and his pairing with Hanana are a favorite of mine, I'm probably going to do these 'Animal Styles" sketch dumps a few times with him. 

In this one, since the previous dump was love and family, I decided to go with angst and tragedy. I'm a complete sucker for stuff like that, the REAL drama. Yukiki's a grumpy assassin after all, can't be who he is without some conflict and fighting. So he is going to get hurt, possibly (nearly) killed and going to do the same to others.

I AM SORRY IF I HURT A FAVORITE CHARACTER OF YOURS! It doesn't mean I don't like that character! I mean, I just said I love Yukiki and look what I'm doing! I just find that people find out who they really are and what's important to them through conflict, especially deadly conflict. Don't know what you have until it's gone, right? It's actually kind of helpful in romantic relationships. We've all seen it. *COUGH*~Beauty and the Beast~*COUGH*

So hurting someone in my drawings usually means I love them, as demented as it sounds. For those who love the brothers, Garuru and/or Giroro, taking in what I just said, I have a soft spot for Giroro and Natsumi together (MOSTLY IN BECHNOKID's UNIVERSE) so that's why he got that hammer.

And Garuru . . . . I had to have someone hit Hanana and NOT get away with it and he drew the short stick out of a limited amount of possible characters. Sorry. :(

On the question on if they died or not, or if Yukiki dies in any of these, Giroro obviously not, Yukiki just has some close calls, and Garuru . . . maybe. I haven't decided, I mean, I drew those teeth going pretty far into his skull. And the ice . . . yeah sorry, probably not. Sorry, but at least it would create an interesting conflict/enemy with Giroro, being both him and Yukiki have something to protect and probably both going through some changes. 


BTW, the download button gives you an even closer look! Just saying....

Previous Animal Style -->…
The Lovely Bechnokid  --> :iconbechnokid:
Her Tumblr --->
And her "Ask Yukiki" Blog --->

Yukiki, Hanana, and everyone else (inspiring gijinka versions) belong to Bechnokid
Animal Styles belongs to ME
Animal Style: The Yukiki Family by LionessGamer
Animal Style: The Yukiki Family
I've fallen in love with Bechnokid's pairing of Yukiki and Hanana from Keroro Gunso (Sgt Frog). She made gijinka versions of them and they seem so cute together! I had to draw them! And since I'm no good at anything human, I made them animals!

Yukiki and Hanana's daughter is Shimomo, a creation of crazy-daydreamer ---> :iconcrazy-daydreamer: HER TUMBLR --->

This pairing needs A LOT more artists and writers contributing to it and I'm hoping I help extend the range! 

I decided to turn them into different styles of animals, not just my own. I used My Little Pony, Bambi, Balto, Brother Bear, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, The Secret of NIMH, Spirit, Silverwing, Lady and the Tramp, and several of my own styles.



:flowerla:  Snowman la 
Yukiki and Hanana (inspiring versions) belong to Bechnokid
Shimomo belongs to Crazy-daydreamer
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Freakazoid: Error Code - err_draco_fusion_failure by LionessGamer
Freakazoid: Error Code - err_draco_fusion_failure
This is sort of a fanfiction that I will never finish writing but will have a good bit of fan art for. It's kind of a Eragon-How to Train Your Dragon fusion of an idea with a sprinkle of other movies. 

Basic idea for now is . . . what if Dexter's parents couldn't get the Pinnacle Chip? What if it was made by an entire different company and Gutierrez's company was a rich toy company? What if they made a before-its-time fantasy MMO that used DNA to create your character and your dragon in the game? What if Dexter's parents thought it was a good idea to compensate for the Pinnacle Chip?

Basically, you get a Freakazoid dragon and an even bigger mess, if that were possible.

This message, if put in to the fanfic, would be about half way through the story and is a sort of recruitment/warning demonstration left by Roddy Macstew for potential allies and even spies.  

Anyway, hope you guys like and help keep Freakazoid alive! I almost forgot, don't you forget!
Okay, because of college and Halloween coming up, you guys will be lucky to get a few sketches but there WILL be something soon. I can't promise anything though. Because of Halloween, I will probably start doodling more soon. The hundreds of pictures I have yet to paint will also hopefully encourage something out of this hand.

Hope for the best!

No Funny Corner for now...sorry. :(
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