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Noah's Arks Shipping Co. - Swan Lake by LionessGamer
Noah's Arks Shipping Co. - Swan Lake

Welcome to Noak’s Arks Shipping Company!

We ship ships by shipping them on ships that turn them into animals!

Each ship has a magical property that turns any pairing and their children, current or future, into the ship’s representing animal!

There are groups of 10 ships. For each list, the group, and you, abroad the selected boat. You get to see the couples and their children (what they have or will have) turn into the representing animal and view what their lives would be like as that animal. The group will then move on to the next ship for the next animal. If a certain boat becomes popular enough, another group of ships (a sequel) will be shipped on it for your pleasure.

Couples who are already animals, or are deemed too animalistic, are not allowed on the boats to prevent the hybreeding of two animal species or the use of most, if the all, of the character’s original concept. This is a company that turns humans and humanoids into animals, not animals or similar creatures.  So shippings like Sonamy or Simba and Nala are not allowed. I am sorry.

Children who are fan-made (including mine) may or may not appear in later or previous boats, depending on the chosen animal’s usual litter/clutch size and the likability of the child. New fan-mades can be introduced through the discovery of an artist’s better offspring idea or if I decide to redesign my own creations. Children who are canon will always appear in all of the boats, no matter how many the litter/clutch size allows for (a rule for couples with many children). The ages of the children, canon or not, can and will be changed depending on scene and my own visioning and wants. Parents may or may not also be effected by age; absolutely if the couple is too young (or too old perhaps?) to have children. 

Every character and their design, original or fan-made, are credited to their designers under each picture. I admire these characters and respect an artist’s property, so every character whose name is not in purple ARE NOT MINE. Their original forms belong to name they are connected to. I make no claims to them but their animalized form.

ALL SHIPS ARE OF MY OWN LIKING! If you disagree and/or dislike a ship, please do not complain and just ignore the couple. Enjoy the ones you do like and let us both have a happy day. Also, because this company ships those of my liking, I must warn that I will not take suggested couples unless they are already in a planned sequel group (in which I will tell you) or I did not know them and then found them interesting (in other words, you gave me another ship to like with your suggestion). I am sorry to say that if your ship does not appear or I do not give you the thumbs up within a month or two, then your ship did not interest me. Again, I am sorry, we all have different tastes.

But on the plus side, animals CAN be suggested!


Thank you and bon voyage!

NEXT VOYAGE IS ABROAD: The Guardian of Ga’Hoole
Facts on the Lives of Our Swans:


During the nesting period, swan parents become fierce protectors. The male is especially protective, becoming highly territorial and aggressive. As soon as an intruder approaches the nest or cygnets, it adopts a hostile attitude, coming fast over water or land, with neck and head backwards, wings opened wide, and hissing, ready to attack.


Nests are located near a lake or other open water, in an area with good visibility. Both parents help build the nest, which is a large mound of plant material with a depression in the center. The female incubates the 4 to 5 eggs for about a month, with the male assisting. After the eggs hatch, both parents tend the young, leading them to sources of food where the young feed themselves.


The cygnets are taken care by both parents. When they are small, rather than swim they can climb on to the parents' back, which is a common behavior among some swans and other aquatic birds.


Within 24 hours of hatching, the cygnets are able to leave the nest and another day later, they are able swim and dive under water to escape danger. The cygnets weigh only about 7 - 10.5 ounces when they hatch; but grow quickly gaining 20% of their body weight every day at the early stages.


Cygnets can fly at about 4-5 months of age and are considered "juveniles" at that time. Cygnets stay with their parents for about for a month to three months longer, at which point they are old enough to take care of themselves and wonder off (sometimes chased off).


A teen swan normally lives as part of a flock until it is about 4 years old, deemed as being an adult. It then seeks out a mate, most commonly from the flock it's living in, and heads off with the mate to find their own mating territory. If another mating pair is nearby then problems can occur in the form of a territorial battle, the losers of which will have to move on in search of another "patch".


Typical swans perform what is commonly referred to as "triumph ceremony" referencing the male's performance after successfully challenging and defeating an intruder or rival suitor. This ceremony involves posturing and calling.


Each day a swan will build a nest or 'Melberry' in the lower branches of waterside trees or on sheltered structures. When night falls, swans will enter these and usually remain there until the morning. The old Melberry is left and often used by other animals.


Swan pairs typically bond for life and pairs stay together throughout the year, including moving together in migratory populations. However, it has been observed that some of them switch mates over their lifetimes, particularly after nesting failures, and some that lost their mate did not mate again.


Swans are known to live 20 to 30 years. Swans form pair bonds when they are one to four years old and often remain bonded for life. The first nesting usually occurs when they are 4 or 5 years old.
Artists in order(you are all beautiful): :iconbechnokid: :iconcrazy-daydreamer: Sophie-Farts - ( :iconriddlemeroxy: :iconrinoaneko: :iconmaryenne042: :iconmystryl-shada:
Songs to listen to (because music inspires all of us and helped make this):
Circle of Life - (Preferably sung by) Jonathon Young
No Matter Where You Are - Us the Duo
Rather Be - Clean Bandit
Iwoya - Angelique Kidjo and Dave Matthews

Demonic Rin: Gift to a Sister by LionessGamer
Demonic Rin: Gift to a Sister
A gift for my little sister as a favor. She's turning into me, I swear. She wanted a Rin that was a bit more "demonic" and I gave her a color-penciled something....
I tried adding a colored background, but I just gave up.

Hope it is still good!
Okay, because of college and Halloween coming up, you guys will be lucky to get a few sketches but there WILL be something soon. I can't promise anything though. Because of Halloween, I will probably start doodling more soon. The hundreds of pictures I have yet to paint will also hopefully encourage something out of this hand.

Hope for the best!

No Funny Corner for now...sorry. :(
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